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My name is Cesar and I have 20 years of experience in this work environment. I work with drywall, taping, wallpaper removal and skim coat, and painting (interior & exterior) jobs, I have insurance covered.
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What is Drywall, Blueboard, Plastering?

Contractors like to spend time discussing the different options available to you, but they use jargon and unfamiliar terms that aren’t helpful. Drywall Contractors Boston knows that you need a little more information to make decisions that are going to affect your home or business.
So, what are your drywall options?
Typically, drywall is a blend of calcium sulfate and gypsum which has been in homes since the 1940s. Manufacturing starts with wrapping the gypsum in a paper covers making it easy to handle. Drywall boards are always 4 feet wide but are available in 8 to 16-foot lengths.
The board is easy enough to cut through and usually only requires a utility knife. Finally, drywall screws into place, and the board is covered in plaster. However, plaster and drywall easily bruise and scratch. Many people make multiple calls to their contractor for dings and dents in their drywall.
There’s no way to make drywall seamless, and applied pain may look different because it’s partially absorbed into the paper.
The new craze in drywall installation is Blueboard. Unlike regular drywall, there aren’t joints connected with a joint compound. Blueboard is traditional drywall that uses a special blue coating instead of the traditional paper coating. The blue paper uses a formula that bonds exceptionally well with plaster. Blueboard doesn’t require joint compound, instead of at joints, you apply quick take and simply plaster over the Blueboard.
Plastering uses a 3-step process that uses gypsum. Plaster walls are secured on metal or wood strips. But, plastering requires multiple layers and is time-consuming to install. Typically, the walls are thicker because of these many layers. Plaster walls are preferred for soundproofing and great for its fire-resistant qualities.
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