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Coronavirus Cleaning Service by North Shore Cleaning Systems, Inc.


Dear Valued Customers, I want to make sure that you are aware that we are currently using 2 disinfectant systems to fight this virus outbreak. The first option can be done while employees are in the office. The second option is using a fogging system, (no employees can be present), this is included below as well. Both kill the Coronavirus. The pricing is the same for each option.

1- Our Spray N'Roll System is certified to kill the FLU and CORONAVIRUS.

  • Efficient, misting sprayers can quickly disinfect large areas.
  • A broad spectrum disinfectant, which is certified to kill the COVID-19 virus according to current EPA recommendations.
  • A 2 minute contact time virucidal and anti-microbial chemical assures a higher level of disinfection versus standard spray n wipe applications of even fogging / sprayer applications.
Coronavirus cleaning by North Shore Cleaning Systems, Inc.

2- Fogging:

We employ this service for usage on all areas, The area is safe once the fog has dissipated.

Covid19 Fogging Disinfecting


A "cold" fogger, the 6208 can atomize either water- or oil-based solutions. A one-turn control knob adjusts particle size and degree of misting, and the power head can be adjusted up or down to the angle required. You can control it with a timer and it can even run "dry" without harm. Fullsan DISINFECTANT KILLS CORONAVIRUS.

Please note

We employ both of these service for usage on all counter-tops, tables, chairs, arm rests, light switches, bathrooms and any other common areas touched. For items such as keyboards, computers, computer mice, telephones, printers/copiers. and desktops, and any other areas/locations that are sensitive, we will use disinfectant wipes. We can cover a large area of space with 2 cleaners. There is no need to cover-protect any computer equipment or paper on desks, plates/cups in the kitchen, etc. The disinfectant is safe.

This is an extra service, and we can provide you with a quote upon request. For large offices, we can use both technologies.

Thanks for your time!

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