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North Shore Cleaning

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Terms of Service

Cancellation policy

North Shore Maids recognizes that occasionally a client may need to cancel his or her cleaning appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call 978-338-5583 or email [email protected].

We ask that cancellations are done latest by 10:00 am the day before your scheduled appointment. Insufficient cancellation notice will result in a $50 cancellation fee. Lack of cancellation notice will result in full charge.

Customer satisfaction policy

If you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning, please call us within 24 hours of the job completion. We will return to your house within 48 hours and re-clean all disputed areas. (Complaints reported later than 24 hours after completion of the appointment will not be honored.)

Safety information

Safety and health of our employees is very important to us. All of our employees are instructed not to touch/clean any areas or items they deem unsafe or unsanitary. For sanitary reasons we are not able to clean human or pet feces, urine, vomit or blood.

Use of Pictures Policy

During cleaning we may take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of some or all areas we were asked to clean. Pictures will never be posted online or published in any other way. Pictures are used only for training purposes as well as internal documentation purposes.

Appointment Times Policy

Appointment time starts from the time the cleaning staff walks into your home or arrives into the lobby of your apartment or condominium building. Appointment time ends when the cleaning staff exits your home, apartment or condominium unit. Time spend on walk-through, discussing requirements and/or providing instructions counts towards appointment time. To ensure efficient use of appointment time please provide your instructions during booking. To avoid wasting appointment time on waiting for the concierge sign in, parking permits, elevators etc, please meet our staff in the lobby and assist our staff in reaching your apartment or condominium unit in a timely manner.

Payments policy

All payments are due in full upon completion of each appointment. We reserve the right to discontinue services for lack of payment. A late payment fee and administration fee will apply on overdue accounts and/or returned checks.

Peace-of-mind policy

All of our employees are fully bonded and insured. To protect your privacy and well-being, all of our employees have also signed a legally enforceable Confidentiality and Non-competition Agreement.

All of our employees are required to read a printout of cleaning instructions specific to your house before they start their routine. In a typical printout, they find instructions pertaining to cleaning special surfaces, your preferences, and other useful information that can help them to clean your house to your liking. If you have any information that you would like included in your file, please let us know.

Information regarding valuable possessions

As mentioned above, all of our employees are fully insured and bonded; however, it is in your best interest to let us know if you have special items in your house of high monetary or sentimental value. Examples of items that should be reported are:

  • Paintings,
  • Carvings,
  • Collectibles,
  • Expensive furniture,
  • and Antiques.

When reporting the special items, please indicate if you want them cleaned and, if yes, then how you would like them cleaned.

If you choose not to report your valuables, then we ask that you protect them or put them in a safe place to prevent accidents. You should also put away all jewelry pieces left out as they could be sucked into the vacuum cleaner or accidentally dropped into the sink during cleaning.

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